The way you feel

$50.00 - $55.00

6" hoop, cotton thread on linen, watercolor background.

"The way you feel" is one in a series based on a pole dance competition piece that I choreographed and performed in 2023 to the song "Swimming" by Pearl and the Beard. The song has a line, 'believe in the way that you feel', which I think fits really nicely with this martini sit. In my performance, I did this move on spin pole, which felt so freeing and beautiful, so I wanted to add some soft petals falling in the background to capture some of that movement.

Each piece is made to order in about 1-2 weeks (plus shipping). Want to see this piece with a different background or stitch type? See my commissions page for contact details and we can work together to make your ideal version of "The way you feel"!