$60.00 - $64.00

6" wooden hoop, cotton thread on linen, watercolor background.

"Believe" is one in a series based on a pole dance competition piece that I choreographed and performed in 2023 to the song "Swimming" by Pearl and the Beard. The song has a line, 'believe in the way that you feel', which I paired here with this wrist sit (also called 'hello boys'). This part of the song reminds me of the struggle to trust yourself, even when everyone around you is telling you it'll be alright, and, similarly, the wrist sit of one those beginner moves that feels so unstable and difficult until you go for it and believe that your hands will hold you.

Each piece is made to order in about 1-2 weeks (plus shipping). Want to see this piece with a different background or stitch type? See my commissions page for contact details and we can work together to make your ideal version of "Believe"!